Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Personal information is the data of the user and visitors which can be used to contact or identify a single user. The users and visitors might be requested to provide some of their personal information while they are visiting our site or using services.

Necessity to Provide Information?

It is not always necessary for you to provide the information we have requested but this may bring you bad user experience as you may not be able to enjoy each and every feature of our services. The information you provide to us is used to bring improvement to provide a better user experience.

What Personal Information We Collect?

Users may be hesitant to give us the information if they don’t know what kind of information is required. Therefore, we have mentioned below the type of information, you might need to produce in certain cases. It does not include sensitive information which may risk your privacy. We may collect the following information;

  • Your Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Contact preferences

How We Use Users Personal Information

The information enables us to keep the clients and users fully updated with the latest announcements and the future events. The information is also used to improve, upgrade, and create better content and services for our users. The users can also be sent important notices time to time.

Protection of User Information

The personal information we collect from our users is not used to risk the privacy of our visitors and we are really serious about the sensitivity of this issue and therefore, we provide maximum protection to all such information.

Aggregated Statistics

Statistics showing the behavior of the visitors to may be collected to monitor and identify spammers’ activities on our sites. However, we don’t disclose the personally-identifying information.