Power of Marine Algae to Lose Weight

If you want to look slim in healthy and natural way, seaweed is an excellent solution. This plant is so special because it grows in the sea and as such it absorbs all the nutrients and vitamins of the surrounding environment. Moreover, being covered with sea salt, it does not need any preservatives. You can consume it after about 20 years after harvest as it will be in good condition without any additives.

The wonderful thing about seaweed is the versatility of its use. With it, we can manufacture soaps, gels, creams and moisturizers, treatments for acne and baldness, lotions for different uses, mud for the body and a host of products aimed at the beauty of our body.

Many of the types are edible, so we can take advantage of two of its major properties that are absorbing fats and provide nutrients to our body. The most common edible seaweed included the following;

  • Kombu
  • Gim
  • Nori
  • Hijiki
  • Pyropia columbina
  • Sea spaghetti
  • Cochayuyo

Seaweeds also are available in capsules and diet pills and are to be ingested after increase of weight within stomach and they generate immediate satiety.

Weight Loss Properties

The contribution of iodine in seaweed does not benefit our body regulating the functioning of the thyroid gland that is responsible for burning the carbohydrates we consume.

In addition, it provides mucilage, a type of fiber that stimulates the functioning of the large intestine allowing good daily elimination of waste. Thanks to its high content of phenylalanine, an amino acid that suppresses appetite nerve stimulation in the brain which helps us to be consistent with the diet.

All these properties together with its supply of minerals and enzymes make it a great help to accelerate our metabolic process to lose weight and reduce toxins.

Simple Recipes with Seaweed

Dulse Seaweed Salad

The sweet dulse may be soaked and used raw in salads, sauces or cooked in soups. It is an excellent food for all people who need a high iron intake, but it is also very rich in protein and has a high mineral and fiber content.


    • Roasted nuts
    • Alga
    • Sweet lettuce


      • Soak cut lettuce and dulse about 5 minutes.
      • For the vinaigrette, we need the ingredients as garlic, olive oil, vinegar, mustard and soy sauce. The mix everything peppered with lettuce and algae and then above all roasted nuts are placed.

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