Have a Cheat Day to Stay on Track of Weight Loss

Among fat burning diets, the days of cheating have become effective method for weight loss which is fashionable and if done well, it really helps to end any stagnation in weight loss. We have been using this effective method to lose weight for a lot of years with huge success rate. You know our bodies are great at one thing and it is adaptation. Our bodies can adapt to almost any situation that comes in the way.

Well when body adapt, the weight loss efforts stagnate, especially when it comes to losing weight. This is why it is better to change things a bit and this is why it is so effective to take a day off to cheat.

At first, the idea was to have a chance to rest after being subjected to a very strict diet. Some diets are really very tough and people get tired mentally and start to stop following the guidelines set by the program for pure mental exhaustion. Finally, they are thrown out of the window because it is impossible to mentally endure any longer that situation. Therefore, many people use a cheat days as take a break or rest mentally which lets us to eat all foods for which we have had to deprive during your diet.

When you decrease the number of calories and nutrients you consume, your body begins to deplete due to leptin which is an influential hormone and can decisively affect the efforts of weight loss process or even make you fat if you drive it in an inappropriate manner.

When you are dieting, leptin levels in your body begin to decrease and your brain receives signals from leptin itself telling you that you’re going hungry also known as starvation mode’ and this situation takes pales, it launches a series of reactions and the brain then send various signals to the other hormones so as to reduce the rate of your metabolism, which deny other muscles of your energy and make your body begin to convert more of the eaten calories into fat.

So, one day of cheating is important as it allows consuming extra calories, sugar, fat, etc. and also allows your body to increase leptin and stay calm. Increasing your leptin levels up to normal limits, it begins thinking ‘Well, we’re not starving’ telling brain to discontinue storing fat and protecting the body.

As a result, it permits you continuing the calories burning process and avoiding spare storage. Usually, your body needs a few days to realize that you are decreasing your normal consumption of calories and you begin to lower your leptin levels, this being the reason why cheat day is practiced somewhere between the third and the fifth day after starting a strict diet.

One thing you must be very careful when using this effective method to lose weight is to prevent that a cheat day does not prolong to two, three or more days. There are some people who find it very difficult to resume diet the next day, so if you follow diet in this way, avoid being the victim of such a trap.

Many people eagerly wait for that day and do not mind dieting again the next day knowing that only missing 3-5 days to get the time again of cheating meals. A good course about how to lose weight fast includes a cheat day every week and gives you the opportunity to follow a more flexible diet and does an excellent job when it comes to help you lose weight step-by-step for good. Remember that you keep your metabolism stimulated properly to enter a cheat day every four days or so.

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