Having full beard is really cool but also takes a lot of time to grow one. It can take up to 3 months to have your beard start looking like a full beard. We have gathered some hacks in order to help you make this process faster than usual.

Take Vitamins

There are certain vitamins like vitamin h (biotin) that make your hair and nails grow faster.
Taking 2.5mg daily will make your beard grow faster.
Vitamin B you should include more vitamin B in your diet or take some vitamin B supplements, especially Vitamin B6, B12, and B1

Take more protein

Protein also helps hair growth and it can be found in fish, meat, nuts, and egg. If you are a vegetarian you can buy whey protein in order to increase the amount received.
Exfoliate your facial skin, you should exfoliate your skin one time per week. This will remove dead cells and help the hair grow faster. You can do it by buying certain exfoliate lotions for men or buy an exfoliating mask, that needs to be placed to your face for 30 minutes before removing it.

Keep your facial skin clean

Buy a facial cleanser and wash your face with it with mild hot water every morning. Keeping your skin clean also helps the hair to grow faster.
Use a moisturizer with eucalyptus, eucalyptus helps a lot in hair growth and also moisturized skin also create a great environment for hair to grow faster so if you combine these two you will help your facial hair grow much faster.

Use Beard Serums

You can use beard oils and beard serums for fast beard hair growth. Serums like minoxidil beard not only promote fast hair growth but also nourishes the skin.

Sleep More

Sleep well you will have probably heard again that sleeping well helps you face look younger but how it is related to hair growth? When you sleep your damaged skin cells repair themselves so that’s why your skin looks better if you sleep well and also promotes beard growth.


We all live high-stress lifestyles but we need to find healthy ways to relieve from this stress. So what is better than working out, but you might ask what stress has to do with my beard? Well, it is proved from healthcare experts that hair reveals stress.
Another way of working out helps hair growth is that exercising improves blood circulation in your entire body and also at the face, resulting in faster hair growth.

Do not trim your beard

It might sound really basic for someone that has never grown a full beard but if you have done you will understand why I am saying this. When growing a beard there will be points that it will not look so good and you might want to shape it in order to look nice Do not do it, leave your beard alone be patient and a few weeks later you will get rewarded.
Shaving regularly makes a beard thicker and grow quicker, ignore this common belief because it is just a … belief, there is no scientific proof for this belief the only scientific proof that exists is that if you shave your beard it will make it shorter and nothing more.
When you are growing a beard the hair will be stiff, this might result in getting itchy or irritated if that happens to visit a doctor and ask him for a hydrocortisone cream. Because this cream has lots of side effects do it only under the guidance of a doctor and not because you read it here or in another article.
Apply some of the tips given or even better all of them be patient and you will get rewarded with a great full beard faster than normal.

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