Discover Different Types Weight Loss Products

At some point, you might have resort to the products sold in pharmacies to lose weight. It can be a good help if you do it well with caution. In fact, some companies offer a wide range of items and nutritional advice so you know how to use them.

How do Weight Loss Products Work?

It depends on each product. For example, dietary supplements keep you satisfied for longer. There are also herbal plants to activate your metabolism and accelerate fat burning while others calm anxiety in general for eating.

Substitutes Meals

  • These products work by replacing meals.
  • Its aim is to control and reduce calorie diet so you can lose weight on a regular basis.
  • They are formulated to manage your body the essential nutrients to not endanger your health.
  • There is a wide range of textures i.e. bars, shakes, soups, cookies and flavors to make the diet easier.
  • Famous brands fall into this group are known as Optifast, Bimanan, Pronokal and Siken Diet.
  • If complemented with a good diet and exercise, losing or maintaining weight in a short time will be achieved successfully.

Slimming Pills

In general, they are not recommended without a prescription. Some best diet pills are mentioned below.

1 – Orlistat

It is marketed under different names as Alli, Xenical, Redustat, Slimella and a few others. It is one of the drugs used to combat obesity. It blocks gastrointestinal lipases, which are enzymes that absorb fats. Thus, the body cannot use fats from food for energy and prevents the deposits to be created.

2 – Contrave

It has recently been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its active ingredients are twofold as naltrexone and bupropion in an extended release formulation. Naltrexone is approved for treating alcohol dependence and opiate, and bupropion, depression and seasonal affective disorder, or winter depression, and as an aid in smoking cessation treatment. Their combination has proven useful for controlling chronic weight gain.

Natural Plants and Herbs for Weight Loss

If you want to reduce appetite and eat less, you can resort to some lozenges formulated with natural products.

1 – Garcinia Cambogia

It contains an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). According to studies, it helps reduce fat accumulation in adipose tissue and has slight satiating effect.

2 – Glucomannan

This is a soluble fiber which is taken with liquid and it swells and increases satiety which makes you eat less. It has also been shown to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats such as cholesterol substances.

3 – Fucus

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommends it to people who need to lose weight, provided there are no diseases that contraindicate. It inhibits appetite for its high iodine content.

4 – Tea

It is an excellent remedy to combat excess weight. It decreases absorption and fat deposits, hence, sold as a fat burning product.

With Tonic and Diuretic Effect

If your problem is fluid retention, you can use plants that activate the cleansing function of the body and are slightly diuretic. Some of the most commonly used are as follows;

I – Artichoke

The leaves of artichoke act as an effective cleanser and improve digestion of fats. Because of this, it can be used in a diet for weight control.

II – Horsetail

It has a mild diuretic effect, but it is safe and does not alter the balance of electrolytes.

III – Diuretic Capsules

You can also find formulations based on different plants with diuretic effect for weight loss.

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