Are you eating too much protein?

Anyone seeking rapid fat loss is told that the foods that control our hunger and make us feel full are proteins.  Did you know you can even purchase concentrated protein packs that can substitute certain meals? But how much is too much?



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An average 90 kg adult requires about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram per day, which makes about 72 grams per day.

Even though protein is starting to appear in more food labels, maybe we are getting more then the necessary allowance. The “What We Eat in America Report” suggests we are consuming about the double of that.

Protein is very important in any diet, and anyone seeking rapid fat loss has to have a lot of it instead of carbs. Protein is necessary for repairing and building muscle cells. Proteins control hunger and keep us full for longer time, and fish protein is highly recommended to prevent stroke risk as compared to animal proteins.

But too much isn’t good either. Even though Americans get enough protein, from animal or vegetable source, there is a marketing issue involved. Marketing always focuses on proteins as something good and positive, as compared to negative messages related to carbs and fat. It is easy to be convinced that any cereal with some protein added is good for you, despite the huge amounts of sugar it contains to improve flavor.

There is some evidence, not too clear, that too much protein may not be too good for you.  Check these facts:

·         If you are gaining weight: If you are having a lot of calories based on proteins, and havent reduced calories from other sources, it is no surprise you gain weight. Some research showed that those on high protein diets as compared to high fat diets, both gained weight by fat when they overate; even though the first group also gained body mass.

·         Kidney problems: The kidneys job is to filter out the waste products of protein digestion. Overeating protein can put greater strain on kidney functionality. The risk is that early stages of kidney disease remain undetectable.

·        Dehydration: One of the waste products from protein processing (by kidneys) is urea in blood. It is mandatory for those on high protein diet drink a lot of water in order flush it away easily.

For those of you on a high protein diet for rapid fat loss or body building, choose the right proteins and always avoid dehydration. If you have any doubt, consult a physician with a blood and urine exam in your hand. He will easily be able to tell assure you that your diet is not leading to permanent kidney damage, without knowing it.

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